Let's bake delicious homemade bread right now

World Bread Day has been established on the initiative of the International Union of Bakers and Bakers-confectioners and is celebrated annually on October 16.

No secrets that the smell of freshly baked bread evokes great memories of the specific points in our carefree childhoods. Nowadays, you can buy it in every bakery or food store but nothing compares to the aroma of homemade freshly baked bread!

Delicious bread baked in a home oven is a real work of culinary art that doesn't require expensive ingredients to bake.

Well, let's bake delicious homemade bread right now!

Mix 750 ml of water, 1.5 teaspoons of sugar, and 10 g of yeast in a small container. Leave it for about 10 minutes until yeast forms creamy foam on the surface of the water. Take 750 g of flour and pour 1/2 of flour into the mass. Mix well and leave the mass for 10 minutes. Then add the remaining flour and a 1 tablespoon of salt to the mass. Knead soft dough and let it rest for about 20 minutes. Line your baking tin or baking sheet pan with parchment paper, pour the dough into there and bake the dough in an oven at 200°C for approximately 30 minutes.

The baking parchment is a useful and convenient tool for every baker. This is the so-called protective barrier that has a specific and definite purpose to prevent baked goods from burning and sticking directly to metal sheets or metal molds. Using parchment paper significantly decreases labor cost and makes the baking process easier.

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