Packaging solutions for confectionery products by LC Trade Poland

Are you searching for confectionery packaging? Check out our catalog! The online store provides a wide range of products for confectioners. We offer customers confectionery equipment, tools, and accessories for baking of high quality and at affordable prices to set up your home-based bakery.

Paper molds of various shapes and sizes are the perfect solution for baking and packaging confectionery. The beautiful parchment molds we offer are designed in an extensive color palette and decorated with various prints, patterns, and logos.

Parchment white round-shaped liners for cupcakes, colored molds for muffins, figured molds for muffins & cupcakes such as "Tulip", "Camomile", "Violet", and much more become irreplaceable assistants at your kitchen. Typically square molds are the standard choice for sweets laying out. Parchment single-served molds of triangular shape for cake pieces and of oval shapes for eclairs are ideal solutions for portion-conscious consumers.

We bring to your attention the mold sets for baking as well as the parchment cake tins. Border confectionery ribbon is an excellent packaging solution for baking and desserts that is provided a perfectly flat side surface to them, and keeps up the appearance of delicate delicacies. Confectionery parchment paper is used for baking, for lining cake molds and baking sheets, and for packaging confectionery.

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