Muffins and fruit cake: a universal formula!

Enjoy the fruit flavors! Delight your taste buds with amazing pastries with fruits easy & quick to cook.

We present to you the universal recipe, i.e. three in one: you can bake fruit muffins, or a pie, or even a whole cake!

The list of ingredients for baking is the same but the baking tools differ. For fruit muffins, you may use cupcake paper molds, a baking paper mold is for a pie and a pastry ribbon serves for a cake.

Easy-baking recipe

Mix well 2 eggs, 100 g soft butter, 100 g sugar, 140 g flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder for dough, and a bag of vanilla sugar in a bowl. The dough is ready! Pour the dough into the prepared molds. Put sliced fruits on top of dough: peaches, apricots, or pears. Bake the dough at 180 degrees C in a preheated oven.

To bake your real Babeczki owocowe, replace the flour with ground oat flour, sugar with honey, and use yogurt instead of butter.

Little Babeczki owocowe should bake for 15 minutes. Test the cake and the pie with a wooden pick to check their readiness. Remove the ready baking from the oven and leave it to cool for a few minutes. Sprinkle muffins and cake with powdered sugar and serve to your guests!

As for a cake, you can apply a little magic and fantasy. Wrap the cake by using a pastry ribbon, pour generously the whole cake with jelly, or whipped cream. Put the cake in a fridge. This baking treat will become the centerpiece of your table.

Bon appetit!

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