Palm Sunday: be healthy!

Palm Sunday is one of the most important celebrations of Christianity. It is celebrated the week before Easter. When Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem, people honored him by meeting with palm branches.

Despite palm do not grow at our country, willow branches becomes one of the most beautiful tree. From it holyday decorations are created – Palms. After sanctifying these decorations at churches, people keep them throughout the year as a symbol of protection and good health. Theyare believed to have healing powers.For the well-being and to be healthy,people pound each other with these palm trees, saying:«Palma bije, nie ja biję, za ty dzień wielki Dzień, za sześćnoc Wielkanoc!».

There is a tradition of baking nuts from dough, treating them to all of households and even giving them to pets. These special treat are to be served special – on a golden or silver traysor on a special plate. And you can easy bake them on baking paper.




Another interesting tradition known since the seventeenth century as "krakowskiepucheroki". On Palm Sunday students of Cracow stood at the entrances to the churches and recited witty verses about poor and hungry students, and the faithful eagerly helped them. Students then bought food andgrzanepiwo- hot beer from these donations.

Palm Sunday is a family holiday, a time for prayer and mutual care. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones and let Palm Sunday bring health to you all.

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