LC Trade Poland, as a manufacturer that has an active and creative team, 20 years of experience in production and sales, offers the most modern and convenient packaging for confectioners and bakers.

Our product range holds various range of cup cake molds and tulips, which we produce from environmentally friendly materials of leading European manufacturers.

We produce a wide range of cake ribbons, clean and patterned.

Decorate your cake and present your shelf in colorful harmony.

Our Competitive Advantages:

  • Beautiful range of different patterns and colors;
  • Big assortment of different packages and compositions;
  • Low minimum quantities of production with an individual logo;
  • Flexible approach in partnership and long-term relationships.

In our catalog we offer packing and inventory of the leading European companies.

  • From the Italian manufacturers Poloplast and GPlast we present a huge and rich assortment of plastic dishes, trays, crepes and plastic spoons for HoReKa and ice cream.
  • From the Norwegian company Nordic Paper - impeccable leader of paper market, we offer parchments and baking papers in various sizes of rolls and sheets for baking and gastronomy.
  • From the Swedish company Keeplasstics, we offer innovative, extra strong and non-slip pastry bags.
  • From the Italian company LMC we offer a variety of shapes and sizes of cardboard molds for baking Panettonne, pies and cakes.

Our company has a design studio, which will quickly draw individual patterns for you, and come up with an individual packaging. We offer a easy and flexible offer for LOGO and personalization.

Together with us - to success! All the most modern for you!